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Is Green Really Worth the Green?

I caught a news piece this morning while at the gym.  The title was something like the one above.  The segment dealt with the question, Do energy efficient upgrades in a home make a difference in the sale price? Even with long-term energy savings, the short and resounding answer was, “NO.”  While it makes all the difference for the environment, the sale prices do not reflect the upgrades, whether it be solar, added insulation, dual flush toilets, Energy Star appliances, etc.  The target then got pinned on appraisers.  They bluntly said that it was the appraisers fault… [paraphrased] The appraisers are behind the curve on this one.  It’s the appraisers that have not gotten up to speed and are not giving correct value to these items.  When an appraiser sees a furnace, whether it’s energy efficient or not, they just see a furnace…”

Now I have friends that are appraisers that will read this and have an acid reflex response (a little sour taste in their mouth).  And I know theses appraisers do know the difference and can spot energy efficient systems.

I would love a response/rebuttal from the appraisal world.  Sound off.

And don’t kill/hate the messenger – I’m just reiterating what I saw on the news this morning.


Keith Klassen – Real Estate Broker


New Energy Efficient Technology

This post is not very sexy, but hopefully interesting.  No special windows or solar-power… just insulation.  I work with a (re)developer that is partnering with Smud (our local utility co.) on a rehab project in South Sacramento.  Smud’s claim is that this is the first house on the west coast in which this product has been use.  In layman’s terms, it’s a foam, interlocking block that is stacked up around the outside of the house.  Wire and stucco are then applied.  Supposedly it is extremely easy to install (my kids would love to get a hold of this stuff) and super energy efficient.


Keith Klassen – Real Estate Broker


Article – Why the Housing Slump Isn’t Getting Better

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, especially in the face of all those who want to stay positive.

The keys numbers that is not publicized or talked about much, according to this article, the growing number of home owners who are unable to afford their mortgage payment.  This is one thing that is not getting better, rather worse, which will obviously curtail any policy and recovery plan of action.

Check out the article here

or cut and paste –



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Realtor Run-Ins, Sacramento CA

From time to time, I just have to crack back on some of the agents with whom I have
run-ins.  Granted, we all make mistakes, we all have bad days, and we all have our eccentricities…  but come on now!  To be in this business (especially in this economy), one must have a sense of humor, be willing to laugh at themselves, and the industry.

I submitted an offer on a short sale last week – of course, I hustle to get the appointment, show the home, consult with the buyer, and write the offer in a timely and expedient manner.  I did not get a confirmation email that they received the offer the first day, so I emailed again the next.  Here’s the response I got:

[I received this on the 11th]

Hi Keith,

Thank you for your clients offer.

I am on vacation and going on a cruise from the 14th to the 22nd.   I will process all offers on the 22nd.   So please ask your clients to be patient.

Uh, yeah.  We cannot be patient and we will not work with you.  Sorry, on to the next one.  There is a phrase in real estate called, “Time is of the Essence.”  This is a good example of a bad example.

Okay colleagues, everyone can get someone to cover for them!  No matter how small your company is… you could even get someone from another company to cover for you!  Point blank, just bad business practices!

Please make me laugh and share some of your experiences.


Keith Klassen – Real Estate Broker


Art at the Park – Sacramento CA

I love to see artwork at public play areas – murals, sculptures, weird collages, and more.  It all inspires creativity.  Here’s a piece at a local park in Sacramento.

Does anyone know where or which park this is located?  What are some of your favorites?


Keith Klassen – Real Estate Broker


Have we hit bottom in the Sacramento CA housing Market?

This is a question I get asked frequently and one that I hear attempting to be answered.  “Have we hit the bottom of the housing market?  At times I have fallen prey to the common thinking that says, “How much worse can it get?  The market has dropped ____%, how much more can it go down?”  Then the conclusion… “We must be at the bottom.”  Anyone with their head in the game has thought/asked this.

However, after just doing a little research you will find that there are key economic forces in play that have to change (unemployment for one) before “the bottom” is reached AND our economy comes out of the recession in which we find ourselves.  Forecasters have been calling the bottom for the last 2 years or longer.  So have we hit bottom yet?

For an excellent read on some of these economic factors, check out this article, The Orwellian Recovery.  The author succinctly states,  “I don’t see how housing prices can recover at the same time inventories, mortgage rates, and unemployment rise.”

A colleague an I were discussing this topic over coffee today… what’s going to happen when the government backs off the stimulus and interest rates rise?

It’s a complicated and highly opinionated topic, what are your thoughts?


Keith Klassen – Real Estate Broker


Can Anything Good Come Out of West Sacramento?


West Sac. has gotten a bad rap over the years, but this article give some hope toward their progress, in the arena of solar energy and the environment.

Check out the article


Keith Klassen – Real Estate Broker


Serial Killer’s Home for Sale – Midtown, Sacramento

There is already a lot of attention on this one!  I’ll just give it a little more.  The house at 1426 F St. is now bank owned and on the market.  This would be one creepy listing to take on.

When I first moved to Midtown, Sacramento (Boulevard Park) in the early 2000’s I heard the stories of Dorthea Puente – especially because I had some friends that lived on the same block.  As the story goes, in the late 1980’s, Dorthea, an older woman in her late 50’s, ran a boarding house with other elderly folks living there as borders.  The live-ins did not have family or others that cared for them … the perfect situation for Dorthea to poison them and continue to collect their social security checks.  Over time she got caught and the police dug up seven bodies in the backyard!  Supposedly the neighbors had complained about a continued stench coming from her property over the years.  And finally the social workers got suspicious when their clients began to disappear. Dorthea is in currently in prison  – serving a life sentence for murder.  For a fuller story, check out this recent article or this one for more details – or just search Dorthea Puente.

As disclosure laws go, one has to be up front with the history of a property, especially when it is as notorious as this one.  And it would be hard to hide this one in the backyard.  It’s interesting to note that the yard has been paved over – sort of like, let’s seal in whatever might lie beneath the surface.

Would you buy a home where a serial killer resided?

Is it going to sit on the market?  Or sell quickly?


Keith Klassen – Real Estate Broker


Home Inspection Musings

I make it a practice to attend the home inspection walk-through with my clients – I think this is pretty common.  I want to hear what’s going on and be able to address concerns that are brought up as a result of the inspector’s findings.  Many times this can be a tedious experience… I’ve heard the same spiel from the home inspector 100’s of times now and Mike Phillips (one of the main guys I use) does a great job.  But, following the inspector around for an hour and seeing where the water shut off value is, and hear that it’s typical to smell gas at the meter, and how gutter is Sacramento get leaves in them, and how no one installs their anti-tip bracket on the stove, and…..  Sometimes I have to amuse myself by taking pictures of things that strike me as odd or funny in the “glaze” of the moment.

Here’s the latest…

What’s wrong with this picture?

Did you figure it out?


Keith Klassen

Real Estate Broker

Chalk It Up – Sacramento (photos)

As promised… some pics from our time with friends and their families, as well as some of my favorite “art squares”


ciu.2I like this kid’s spikes




ciu.6The boys making some art!


ciu.9Shout out to Darby