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Millennials and Real Estate

I just read an interesting article about the Millennial generation.  To all those who consider themselves Millennials, let me know if you resonate with this article and sentiment – I’m interested in you input.

adult arrival beard boss

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A few highlights from this article:

  • Millennial buyers have increase 62% in the last 4 years
  • There’s a reason why Millennials are/were sheepish about buying – any guesses?  One word, The-Great-Recession-of-the-early-2000’s!  Guess what?  They have jobs now and want to buy some houses!  YAY!
  • “Sacramento is the 15th-toughest city in the country for first-time buyers to come up with a down payment. Six California cities rank in the top eight nationally, all coastal, led by Los Angeles and San Francisco.”  I thought this was an interesting statistic.  I’m thinking the wages in Sacramento have not quite caught up?
  • Builders are designing homes around Millennials – “experiential environments,” no more dens, bicycle storage areas, and pet-centric.
  • With a low inventory of houses on the market, buyers are experiencing multiple offers and are frustrated about getting beat out by cash offers.

The last one I can certainly confirm, however, I’ve had success in negotiating on behalf of my clients, knowing the market, and understanding people.  Give me a call and I can lend my expertise.

Read article here and let me know what you think.


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Median home price highest since 2007 (beginning of recession)


Millennial are buying for the pie pets

Being out bid




In a Heath-Conscious Climate, Bacon & Butter is on the Rise!

Bacon pic

If you are local and know the Sacramento food scene, the restaurant Bacon and Butter is on your radar.  They originally were in Midtown and then moved to Tahoe Park.  Some say the move to Tahoe Park was gutsy, taking a risk in an area that needed a pioneer such as B and B!  The only reason I don’t go there more often is due to the wait time to get a table.  If you haven’t been, then make it a point to go!

I just read about their announcement to open another location in the former Formoli’s Bistro location on J St, near 39th.  Maybe this will thin the crowds in Tahoe Park, or continue the hysteria.  Either way, good for them!

Check out the Sac Bee article discussing B & B’s next steps.  LINK TO ARTICLE HERE


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Solar Panels – No Longer Just an Option

Remember when solar panels used to be for just for environmentally conscientious rich people?  Remember when the year 2020 was used in movies to depict the space age and far off future?  We may not have flying cars, but (at least in California) all new homes will have solar panels com 2020.  Yep, just a few years away!

Check out this article  which talks about the details.

In to the future and beyond,

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The Looming Question… When is the Bubble going to Burst?


This is a question that seems to be posed to me weekly – “How long do we have until the bubble bursts?” Many of my responses line up with this article I just read.  If you are in the financial or real estate industry, I’m curious about your thoughts on this issue.  I hate to just be a positive sales-guy and say the sky is NOT falling… as this article states, One of the remarkable things about the financial crisis is how quickly the bubble was inflated.

Let’s interact.

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Sex, Email, & Wire Fraud

Disclaimer to everyone who wanted to read about sex… this article is only about wire fraud (and a reference to an email scam) – sorry to disappoint.  How else would I get you to read about wire fraud?


You’ve either received an email or heard the more recent joke about the Nigerian apartment that got raided, where they found $43M?  The joke is, “Dang, I should have responded to those emails!”  If you don’t get the joke, scam emails have been floating around for decades from all sorts of foreign diplomats, officials, and surviving spouses, etc., letting you know that they will transfer all of the unclaimed money in to your bank account if you only pay the taxes, or a fee, or give them your account information, etc.  The sad part, many people, I’ve read, fall for this and have responded to this scam, and maybe have lost a lot of money.

If you’ve bought or sold a house lately, or are an agent you know that there is now a mandatory disclosure included in with the purchase contract entitled, “Wire Fraud and Electronic Funds Transfer Disclosure.”  Yeah, I know, boring stuff that many just gloss over saying, “yeah, yeah, yeah, there are people out there that try to steal money electronically… I won’t fall for that scam!”


I just had a client that almost lost $400,000!  They were about to wire money for the purchase of a home and received an email confirming where to send it.  They thought that it was strange that it was a 3rd party and decided to double check with the title company.  The title company had not sent out instructions yet and adamantly told them not to send the money!  This was a scam!  In addition, if they would  have sent the money, they would have lost it, as there is no recourse once it leaves the account (according to the title company).  After hearing this from my client, I quickly realized how serious this warning and disclosure has become!

Please beware and be careful when sending financial information via the internet, or text for that matter.  Please read the advisory disclosure carefully and take heed.

Let me know if you or your clients have had any “scares” or run-in with this too.


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Foodie Friday – Hot? or Hype?

So many times I go to places and think, “That wasn’t very good, why do so many people love this place?”  There is a lot of hype, which sometimes just feels good to be around a bunch of people that don’t mind over-paying for bad service and mediocre food.  Being from San Francisco, we use to say, “You’re paying for the view.”  Now I say [regarding SF], “It’s just darn expensive!”  In Sacramento, you can still go to places on the river, or by the arena, or on the corner where everyone can see you…. and pay a bit more, but still enjoy yourself.  Then there are places that are I leave said, “I don’t care what that cost, that experience was worth every dollar!”

Chando's taco

I hit Chando’s every so often with some colleagues, and, dang those tacos are good!  I used to think it was all hype, but then I relented… I was wrong.  Chando’s, I have sinned, please forgive me.  Here’s a snippet from my appraiser buddy’s blog about our most recent visit, [check out his blog HERE]

The word on the street (while eating tacos): Every few months or so I get together with a group of real estate friends to eat at Chandos (my fav taco joint). It’s not like we gather to have exclusive rigid market talk, but I always leave with some insight because our taco club has investors, a loan officer, and a Realtor / flipper. I find understanding a market is about crunching numbers, but it’s also about the word on the street. This is why I regularly ask people, “What are you seeing out there?””


My buddy has been bragging about his favorite vegetarian restaurant, and he’s not even a vegetarian (nor am I).  Veg!  Above Thai Basil on J st!  Hit it up!  Had the slider (the waitress corrected me when I said, I’ll have the sliders.”  Yep, just one slider).  And, that slider, was delicious.


I grabbed a little happy hour with my wife one evening over at Kupros.  We frequented Kupros a bunch a few years ago and just wasn’t in the mood lately.  If you want a great seat on the front porch, up high, to people watch and have a drink and appetizer… this is your place!  Yes, I got the nachos (I was having a tortilla chip deficiency in my diet), and my wife had the steak bites.  We also like their deep fried pickles.  What do you think… hype or hot? The jury is out for us.


Ahhh, my wife is the best!  Always shopping wisely for great food!  She whipped this number up the other night!  Some kind of magical meatball lettuce wrap – so good.

My wife’s food is sizzling hot!  What’s your favorite local hot spot?


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Adaptive Reuse – Old buildings re-purposed

I was inspired to write this post from this article I read HERE.


We are starting to see a little (or maybe a lot) of this going on in Sacramento… There are many old factory buildings that are now coffee shops and restaurant.  The classic, old Firestone building on L st and 16th St., now Firestone Public House and Brewery, is a cool example.  Tako, a small Korean eatery opened a few years back at an old abandoned filling station.  Maybe the best example is the R Street Corridor development, using a lot of old buildings for art lofts, restaurants, and work space.  Within this area, there is a great concept seen at the WAL Public Market, including my favorite poke bar, Fish Face, a shoe maker, a vinyl record seller, and more!  We see a few examples around town of warehouses turning into offices.  K street is getting back on track, with the newer Golden 1 arena and new development in old buildings – it’s so exciting to see things taking shape!  Don’t forget about the Old Sugar Mill – so close not to go wine tasting in our backyard!  The largest one on the horizon, if it ever gets built out, yes, the Railyards!

Go!  Enjoy!

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Foodie Friday

st pat

This week was all about staying at home.  My wife decided to combine her birthday party with St. Patrick’s day = birthday shenanigans!   It’s kinda what you’d expect … like being in Jr. High again… dressing up, but adding adult beverages.   The invite said something to the effect of, Your gift to me will be to dress up!  This made her quite happy when people showed up with green outfits, hats with feather, green wigs, beads, shot glass necklaces, funky sunglasses, etc.  We actually hung out mostly in the backyard – Some friends brought a heat lamp over and we lit a fire in the pit.


Most people brought some drink to share, some brought creative food dishes which always seem 10 steps beyond store bought cookies or a bag of chips.  One couple made split pea soup.  Another family brought over a feast of corned beef, sauerkraut and breads.

My wife laid down some mighty fine potato leek soup and gave me the charge to make a Rueben slider.  This was a major hit!  My wife made the corned beef the night before in the crock pot – tender and juicy!  Soft dinner rolls, thousand island dressing, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, topped with mustard-butter-magic brushed on before heating them up, making a melty delight!


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Rental Property Question: Why Does the Owner have to Pay for Tenant Damages?


There’s sometimes a fine line and many times confusion between wear & tear and tenant damages.  For instance, a tenant has lived in a property for 2 years and the carpet was new when they moved in.  Upon move out, there are stains everywhere that will not come out, even with professional cleaning.  Who pays for the carpet?  What about the notorious calls regarding the disposal being stuck or plumbing backing up?  When is the tenant responsible and when is it the owner’s responsibility?  Many times this IS a grey area due to the fact that it is hard to prove if it’s a maintenance issue (regular use, generating a habitability issue) or something the tenant did that caused the problem.  It’s a fact, things wear out and need to be fixed, maintained or replaced over time.  Wood rots, carpets wear out, bulbs burn out, batteries die, plumbing is known to leak or back up at times.  Here are a couple of pointers:

1.  There are some issues that seem common to every property that are not specifically spelled out in the contract.  My advice: Spell these items out!  Even if you think they are clear, sometimes being redundant is a good thing for emphasis and clarity.  Say things in different ways.  Highlight and have tenant initial major clauses upon signing the lease agreement.  I use an addendum for some of these items and meet with owners to add or take away items that are most pressing to them.  For instance, one of my clients is dead set against a tenant smoking inside their property.  While we check the box for “no smoking” on the contract, the owner wanted me to add the consequences to the tenants if they break this rule, as well as, clarify that this includes any type of smoking, vaping,  and smells that may not come out of the carpet and paint.  One tenant found out the hard way when they had to cover carpet replacement and repainting and extra cleaning costs.

Another property management company I know adds an addendum stating, what may seem obvious in the contract, things like, tenant is responsible for changing burnt out light bulbs and batteries in smoke alarms, etc.  Again, if it’s important to you and the same issue has come up over and over, put it in writing and have the tenant acknowledge understanding.building-vehicle-motorbike-motorcycle.jpg

2. Ask a lot of questions to try to get to the bottom of the issue. Somethings are cut and dried.  New carpet was installed before move in…. 2 years later it looks like they were working on a motorcycle in the living room.  You may re-emphasize the concept of depreciation and wear and tear to the tenant before move in,  but this is obvious damage.  The broken window is another one that comes up frequently.  Tenant:  “I don’t know how it broke?  Maybe a tree branch hit it in a storm?”  All the while you are thinking, I see you kid constantly playing baseball in the house.”  Many times this is just the cost of being an investor.  Bottom line, put aside money for repairs, but there are times when you get an honest tenant that says, “I did break the window, and I don’t have the money right now to pay for it…”  This is a great opportunity to help them out – split the cost?  Put them on a payment plan?

3. Hire vendors that will do thorough investigation and pay attention to the cause of the damage. Also, ask the vendor a ton of questions to try to get to the bottom of it.  The classic case when the plumbing is backed up… how did this happen?  Was it tree roots in the mainline?  Or was it a toy car flushed down the toilet?  Another classic:  Did the garage disposal cease to work because it’s 15 years old?  OR was it the bottle cap lodge in the blade that fried the motor?  Have the vendors take pictures – always good to have as back up.

pexels-photo-632651.jpeg4. Hire a professional manager/management company. They have seen much of these issues over and over, and know how to handle it best on your behalf.  A professional manager will have policies and rules laid written out for the tenants to follow, which clarifies some of these grey areas.  Also a professional should know the law and legal ramifications of a tenant’s actions, or an owner’s response and responsibility.  Having a professional manager can take away much of the emotions that go along with dealing with tenants and help bring objectivity to these questionable situations.

I’m happy to answer your questions and help you in your property management adventure

Here’s another tidbit regarding garbage disposals – 19 things you should never put down a disposal.


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Foodie Friday – Why Cant’ Pizza be Healthy? !!!



Am I tripping, or did Little Caesars used to give an extra pizza with every order (pizza, pizza!)?  I thought that was their gimmick?  Also, has anyone else noticed all the new pizza chains popping up all over Sacramento?  I guess people are one with Round table?  I still love the old school standbys… Zeldas, Pieces Pizza, Buffalo Pizza (breakfast pizza – whaaaaat!), Luigi’s, Roma, as well as some newer, more modern ones too:  One Speed, Hot Italian, Chicago Fire, Uncle Vito’s, etc.  But then there are these chain pizza joints that have sprung up near Sac. State and even in Midtown.  I mentioned in a past blog that we when to Z Pizza on Folsom, across from Ultimate Fitness (pour your own beer =novel).   Then there’s Pizza Rev, which I’ve driven by often, but have never made it in – that one is at the Tee of Folsom Blvd. and 59th.


Over the weekend we ended up at Pieology, which I knew was in Roseville and other burbs (I didn’t check, but I bet there’s one in Elk Grove and Folsom and no doubt Natomas  – very formulaic), but now there’s one open on 16th St. and around L St.  While I instantly thought I could have stumbled into a Chipotle that makes pizzas, the situation is similar… stand in line, tell them what you want on your pizza, as they make it right there in front of you… all while making friendly conversation (I guess studies must show that people like this?).   Well, not bad.  I actually liked it.  The definitely need to step up their beer game, especially when the best beer they carry in a bottle (nothing on tap) is Sierra Nevada pale ale.  It’s 2018!  How hard is it to ride the wave of a flooded craft beer market?  Oh and the other notable one is Shock Top – pleeeeeeese!  The kids liked the pizza and we may go back, however, after eating some greasy-Luigi-love… it’s hard to go thin crust franchise pizza.  Am I right?!

What’s your take on the flooded pizza market?



Will burgers ever be a flooded market?

Now on to our next confession of unhealthy, yet delicious food choices.  We tried to go back to Iron Horse, over there by Ace of Spades.  Um, note to self, brunch on Sunday’s at Iron Horse (after the Shamrock run, or whatever it was that people were wearing green skirts and beads and stuff), is complete mayhem!  Two hour wait, um, no thanks.  Burgers and brew we went!  B & B has changed it up a bit since I was last there…maybe because it was Sunday?  We ordered at the counter and it was pretty much self-serve all the way.  My wife and my beer sat on the bar counter for days, until I went up and asked if I was supposed to take them (meaning I was not sure what the protocol is and if they were going to serve them or not?)… She says, “Uh yeah… if your name is on the ticket.”  I wasn’t sure if she was just being sassy, or maybe just put out that I thought they might deliver them to our table?  No big deal, I don’t mind a little friendly sass… we had delicious burgers, tasty fries, and Pliny the Elder on tap – can’t complain!


Still eating clean!  Shout out to my wife!  I’m super proud of her and thankful for her constant elevation!

Some highlights from this past week:

  • Lemon Garlic Scallops with asparagus and kale salad (feta, tomatoes, sunflower seeds, and light tangy dressing). This meal was sooooo good, I scarfed it, and then thought, hmmm, that would have been a good  blog post/pic.


  • Beef Stew – my kids would be laughing right now – crude reference in comedy movie, Bench Warmers. I got home early and witnessed my wife prepping cubes of steak cubes and veggies, stewed for 2-3 hours.  All I did was turn on the stove and boiled potatoes.  This was soooo good – such a great rainy day meal.  I noticed an empty bottle of Guinness by the pot of stew… oh yeah, the magic is about to go down [either it’s in the stew, or she caught a fade!  Pre-party grub for Saint Patty’s!



I stocked my fridge about 2 months ago and it was packed!  It’s like the water  at the wedding that Jesus turned to wine!  Kept flowing!  I dug out this tall boy from the back.  I was just looking at me and waiting to be drank.  Who doesn’t just chuckle when reading this name – Belching Beaver, Deftones Phantom Bride.  I love the artwork!  Do you think marketing makes beer taste better?   This may have influenced me, but I also remember some random dude at the grocery store saying out of the blue, “Hey man, you should try this beer… it’s worth every penny!”  I simply took that as a sign… a helper angel of sorts.  I’ve been buying it ever since that mystical encounter.  For those reading, “Hey man, you should try this beer!”

For those who made it to the end of this blog … what have you been drinking lately?

I’ve been kicking around the idea of writing a bit about whiskey?  As you know, this will take much experimentation in order to properly report.

Cheers and Bon Appetite,

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