Adaptive Reuse – Old buildings re-purposed

I was inspired to write this post from this article I read HERE.


We are starting to see a little (or maybe a lot) of this going on in Sacramento… There are many old factory buildings that are now coffee shops and restaurant.  The classic, old Firestone building on L st and 16th St., now Firestone Public House and Brewery, is a cool example.  Tako, a small Korean eatery opened a few years back at an old abandoned filling station.  Maybe the best example is the R Street Corridor development, using a lot of old buildings for art lofts, restaurants, and work space.  Within this area, there is a great concept seen at the WAL Public Market, including my favorite poke bar, Fish Face, a shoe maker, a vinyl record seller, and more!  We see a few examples around town of warehouses turning into offices.  K street is getting back on track, with the newer Golden 1 arena and new development in old buildings – it’s so exciting to see things taking shape!  Don’t forget about the Old Sugar Mill – so close not to go wine tasting in our backyard!  The largest one on the horizon, if it ever gets built out, yes, the Railyards!

Go!  Enjoy!

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