Foodie Friday – Hot? or Hype?

So many times I go to places and think, “That wasn’t very good, why do so many people love this place?”  There is a lot of hype, which sometimes just feels good to be around a bunch of people that don’t mind over-paying for bad service and mediocre food.  Being from San Francisco, we use to say, “You’re paying for the view.”  Now I say [regarding SF], “It’s just darn expensive!”  In Sacramento, you can still go to places on the river, or by the arena, or on the corner where everyone can see you…. and pay a bit more, but still enjoy yourself.  Then there are places that are I leave said, “I don’t care what that cost, that experience was worth every dollar!”

Chando's taco

I hit Chando’s every so often with some colleagues, and, dang those tacos are good!  I used to think it was all hype, but then I relented… I was wrong.  Chando’s, I have sinned, please forgive me.  Here’s a snippet from my appraiser buddy’s blog about our most recent visit, [check out his blog HERE]

The word on the street (while eating tacos): Every few months or so I get together with a group of real estate friends to eat at Chandos (my fav taco joint). It’s not like we gather to have exclusive rigid market talk, but I always leave with some insight because our taco club has investors, a loan officer, and a Realtor / flipper. I find understanding a market is about crunching numbers, but it’s also about the word on the street. This is why I regularly ask people, “What are you seeing out there?””


My buddy has been bragging about his favorite vegetarian restaurant, and he’s not even a vegetarian (nor am I).  Veg!  Above Thai Basil on J st!  Hit it up!  Had the slider (the waitress corrected me when I said, I’ll have the sliders.”  Yep, just one slider).  And, that slider, was delicious.


I grabbed a little happy hour with my wife one evening over at Kupros.  We frequented Kupros a bunch a few years ago and just wasn’t in the mood lately.  If you want a great seat on the front porch, up high, to people watch and have a drink and appetizer… this is your place!  Yes, I got the nachos (I was having a tortilla chip deficiency in my diet), and my wife had the steak bites.  We also like their deep fried pickles.  What do you think… hype or hot? The jury is out for us.


Ahhh, my wife is the best!  Always shopping wisely for great food!  She whipped this number up the other night!  Some kind of magical meatball lettuce wrap – so good.

My wife’s food is sizzling hot!  What’s your favorite local hot spot?


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2 responses to “Foodie Friday – Hot? or Hype?

  1. Thanks for the shoutout Keith. It was good as always to see you yesterday. Can’t go wrong with Chandos. Your food at home looks amazing.


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