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Moisture in Windows – Real Estate Sacramento

I have viewed and sold so many homes with dual pane windows that have failed.  The clear, or should I say unclear, indication is fogged up glass.  When you try to clean them, you quickly realize that there is moisture trapped in between the two panes, hence the window has failed.  Most inspectors will tell you that this does not diminish the effectiveness of the window, rather it just looks ugly.  And typically the remedy is replacing the glass or the window, which can be costly.

I ran across an article/ad regarding a newer technology, whereby they can de-moisturize and repair the window by just drilling to small holes in the corners.  Sound great if it actually is legitimate.

Has anyone out there utilized this technology?  And more importantly, does it work?  If so, this would be a great innovation to all those failed windows out there.


Keith Klassen – Real Estate Broker



Home in Escrow – Oak Park Victorian!

I just got into contract with one of my clients on this property in Oak Park.  It’s a fantastic 1890’s Victorian.

We just did the home and pest inspection yesterday.  I love days like this when the nspections moves forward without any big surprises.  I say this because every home has issues, especially ones built-in the late 1800’s.

Can you believe this home, in a decent part of Oak Park, in reasonable condition, is selling for a little over $100,000?  The home inspector asked if it is on slab or has a crawl space… I said “neither.  It’s a walk space!”  This basement (well it’s above ground) has at least 9 foot high ceilings!  My first thought when I viewed the property was, finish this out and double your square footage!

I was shocked with how little dry rot there was, plus a new foundation (no bricks) and an almost-new roof!

Check out the pics.

Keith Klassen – Real Estate Broker


Things That Eat Your Home (Sacramento CA)

Viewing thousands of homes and participating in hundreds of inspections, there are things that become familiar sights – things to look out for that could adversely affect the purchase of a home.

I showed an investor a home that I was about to list.  Originally it was going to be a flip, but the owner has his hands full with about 20 other homes that they are rehabbing.  When previewing this home, there were the normal checklist-thoughts of what needs to be done to get this home ready to rent or sell:  Paint and carpet, rip out and rehab kitchen, new HVAC unit, restore garage from illegal conversion, etc.  Before we left, I pulled back a window curtain and ah ha….

This my friends is a termite “tunnel.”

While these items may seem daunting, they are curable at a relatively reasonable expense.


Keith Klassen – Real Estate Broker


Consolodated Furnace with Nox Rods

I learn something new everyday.  Last week one of my clients had a home inspected on which they made an offer.  Everything seemed to be going smoothly… then he dropped this bomb on us. ” The heater is a consolidated type with NOx RODS.” The rest of us looked at each other blankly.  “This type of furnace has been recalled because it is know to combust and burned people homes down” – just what the client wants to hear!  From a sales point of view, this could be a deal- killer.  From a safety standpoint, this could save people’s lives.

Do an internet search on Nox Rods and you will be amazed at the long list of warnings.  For us, I was able to negotiate with the seller to hire an HVAC specialist to give this unit a “good bill of health” and their stamp of approval, since not all Nox Rod furnaces are created equal.  If not safe, they said that they would replace it.  Also it re-enforces the premise, just because homes are sold “as-is” and the seller states up front that they will do no repairs… “health and safety” always trumps that rigmarole.


Keith Klassen

Real Estate Broker