Things That Eat Your Home (Sacramento CA)

Viewing thousands of homes and participating in hundreds of inspections, there are things that become familiar sights – things to look out for that could adversely affect the purchase of a home.

I showed an investor a home that I was about to list.  Originally it was going to be a flip, but the owner has his hands full with about 20 other homes that they are rehabbing.  When previewing this home, there were the normal checklist-thoughts of what needs to be done to get this home ready to rent or sell:  Paint and carpet, rip out and rehab kitchen, new HVAC unit, restore garage from illegal conversion, etc.  Before we left, I pulled back a window curtain and ah ha….

This my friends is a termite “tunnel.”

While these items may seem daunting, they are curable at a relatively reasonable expense.


Keith Klassen – Real Estate Broker


One response to “Things That Eat Your Home (Sacramento CA)

  1. I love this title of this post! Great photos of the tunnels.


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