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Renovation in Curtis Park, Sacramento

It’s always great to see things happening in our neck of the woods.  Business thriving, homes restored, and new things coming to life all around us.  The local women’s gym, Figure 8, seems to be a big hit.  For the last month they have been undergoing a face lift, redoing their storefront and perhaps reconfiguring the entrance.  This renovation should be an attractive upgrade to the already thriving neighborhood.

Stay tuned for the finished product.


Keith Klassen

Real Estate Broker

Local Eats – Orphan

While this is almost completely unrelated to real estate, I just had to add a category for my food, beverage and restaurant review.  This is my blog, right!  So focus can some time go out the window.  I’m in the habit of taking a picture of a plate of food or bottle that I’ve enjoyed and want to remember.

About a week ago my family ambled over to Orphan in East Sacramento one Saturday morning.  I read the Yelp reviews and wanted to experience it for myself.  Orphan is a breakfast joint that took over the formal Moxie Jr. location (Moxie’s [the original] is one of our favorites for an upscale dinner).  Orphan is owned by the same folks as Tupelo Coffee, which is part of the Naked Coffee Roasting Co.

I’m not sure if this picture looks appetizing, but it was soooo good going down.  It was an artichoke heart, tomato scramble thingie, with fresh baked bread.  Oh, and if you are a coffee lover… their coffee blew my doors off.  I mean, at first the whole spiel about how they brew each cup special, etc., etc…. I was like, yeah whatever, just give me the coffee! Then to drink this nectar of the gods… put it this way, I bought a pound to take home.

Go check it out.


Keith Klassen

Real Estate Broker

Cheap Foreclosures in Sacramento

I do business with a colleague that employs “sign shakers” – at least that’s what I call them.  You know the guys who dance on the corners twirling signs, spinning and shaking to whatever they are listing to on their iPod.  There is a guy in Sacramento that dresses up like Spiderman.  I saw a Mr. Pickles dancer the other day – that kind of freaked me out.  My friend’s sign says “Cheap Foreclosures” – that’s it.  In Sacramento, a cheap foreclosure might start at $40,000 (yes, this type of home is a dump in need of much work).

Check out this video about a sign shaker.  I kept thinking it was a Saturday night live video spoof, but it is legit.  Sign Shaker Video.  I love the quote, …what are you feeding that boy?


Keith Klassen

Real Estate Broker

Home Inspection Musings

I make it a practice to attend the home inspection walk-through with my clients – I think this is pretty common.  I want to hear what’s going on and be able to address concerns that are brought up as a result of the inspector’s findings.  Many times this can be a tedious experience… I’ve heard the same spiel from the home inspector 100’s of times now and Mike Phillips (one of the main guys I use) does a great job.  But, following the inspector around for an hour and seeing where the water shut off value is, and hear that it’s typical to smell gas at the meter, and how gutter is Sacramento get leaves in them, and how no one installs their anti-tip bracket on the stove, and…..  Sometimes I have to amuse myself by taking pictures of things that strike me as odd or funny in the “glaze” of the moment.

Here’s the latest…

What’s wrong with this picture?

Did you figure it out?


Keith Klassen

Real Estate Broker

Chalk It Up – Sacramento (photos)

As promised… some pics from our time with friends and their families, as well as some of my favorite “art squares”


ciu.2I like this kid’s spikes




ciu.6The boys making some art!


ciu.9Shout out to Darby



Chalk It Up – Sacramento Happenings Over Labor Day

cahlk it up

Chalk It Up has been a local favorite over Labor Day Weekend (if you are in town) for years n0w.  Even if you’ve just come back from a dusty camping trip and your face is sunburned from hanging out at the lake, it’s a must to head down to Fremont Park and peruse the local artwork.

We’ll be there – pics to come.


Wine Tasting at my Cousin’s

Okay, not related to real estate…. but I had to show the massive amounts of wine on the table!  I did have many conversations with folks about the Sacramento Real Estate market and how it’s “blowing up” (that’s a good term).  Who doesn’t want $300-800 cash flow on a $100K investment?

Here’s the story… My cousin helps run the San Francisco International Wine Competion and as “payment” she gets to take home a boat-laod of wine (opened and unopened).  As a result, she has a wine tasting party every year after the last day of the competition.  Here are some of the spoils.

wine.SF.2 This was before the white wines made table.


Trees in Sacramento

Ah, the tree-lined streets of old Sacramento.  Shade and beauty!  I love the canopy – it’s like a tunnel of trees.

trees 3rd ave

Now I do not want to be a pessimist, but the trees also are somewhat of a ticking time bomb.  Several of my friend have come out to their cars during the winter most or after a windy night, only to find a large tree branch has fallen and destroyed their car.

A neighbor of ours had a tree split his home in two!  The pictures are too graphic and horrifying to post 🙂

Here’s our old neighborhood and a tree that feel last year!



2nd Saturday Art Walk 6/13/09 – Sacramento Fun

As promised, here are some pictures from 2nd Saturday Art Walk  This week we decided to hang out on the periphery.  We heard of a great gallery in the same complex where the Fox and Goose is located.

As we strolled through the galleries and met some of the artist… jackpot!  We found the place where they let kids (and grown ups) make art.  The medium is a plastic tile and oil base paint.  Using cotton swabs, paper towels, and whatever else you can find, paint is smeared, blotted, and drawn onto the tile.  Then the tile is ran through a press that transfers the paint onto paper.

press 1

boys art 1

press 2

Finished product-

Drew's art

luke's art

We then scurried downstairs to the main event.  Perfect timing!  They bronze pour demonstration had just begun.  I highly recommend this!

bronze 5

bronze 3

bronze 4

Backyard Adventures – Sacramento Real Estate

After viewing 1000’s of properties and seeing the most bizarre things, whether it  be the configuration of the house itself, or strange and funny sights in the back yard… I began to photograph and record some of these adventures.

Pictures just don’t do justice to the enormity of these cacti.  These desert monsters formed a wall across the back of the yard.  Forget about a fence or barb wire, these bad boys would keep out any intruder.  Plus, if these cacti could speak, I bet they would tell tales of the previous inhabitant cooking up their cacti ancestors on the BBQ (or however they are prepared)!  Or maybe how dinosaurs use to drink the nectar from these plants millions of years ago.

I could not get over the size!

cacti.andy cacti

Andy (a friendly investor client) almost got swallowed up and abducted by this cactus!  And yes that is a mammoth brick BBQ that is about to get crushed by anther behemoth cacti!  Oh, and power lines overhead…  well, I feel bad for the SMUD worker that will have to risk life and limb to retain and avert these beasts.

I am in awe!