Cheap Foreclosures in Sacramento

I do business with a colleague that employs “sign shakers” – at least that’s what I call them.  You know the guys who dance on the corners twirling signs, spinning and shaking to whatever they are listing to on their iPod.  There is a guy in Sacramento that dresses up like Spiderman.  I saw a Mr. Pickles dancer the other day – that kind of freaked me out.  My friend’s sign says “Cheap Foreclosures” – that’s it.  In Sacramento, a cheap foreclosure might start at $40,000 (yes, this type of home is a dump in need of much work).

Check out this video about a sign shaker.  I kept thinking it was a Saturday night live video spoof, but it is legit.  Sign Shaker Video.  I love the quote, …what are you feeding that boy?


Keith Klassen

Real Estate Broker

2 responses to “Cheap Foreclosures in Sacramento

  1. Several afternoons a week there’s an energetic slice of pepperoni pizza right off of the 113 exit in Dixon


  2. It’s funny, I now notice them every where I look. Must be good for business… I just hope I never have to do it 🙂


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