Backyard Adventures – Sacramento Real Estate

After viewing 1000’s of properties and seeing the most bizarre things, whether it  be the configuration of the house itself, or strange and funny sights in the back yard… I began to photograph and record some of these adventures.

Pictures just don’t do justice to the enormity of these cacti.  These desert monsters formed a wall across the back of the yard.  Forget about a fence or barb wire, these bad boys would keep out any intruder.  Plus, if these cacti could speak, I bet they would tell tales of the previous inhabitant cooking up their cacti ancestors on the BBQ (or however they are prepared)!  Or maybe how dinosaurs use to drink the nectar from these plants millions of years ago.

I could not get over the size!

cacti.andy cacti

Andy (a friendly investor client) almost got swallowed up and abducted by this cactus!  And yes that is a mammoth brick BBQ that is about to get crushed by anther behemoth cacti!  Oh, and power lines overhead…  well, I feel bad for the SMUD worker that will have to risk life and limb to retain and avert these beasts.

I am in awe!

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