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Another Front Door – Sacramento Children’s Home in Curtis Park, Sacrametno CA

I driven by this institution for years and always admired the architecture, but never really knew much about it.  The Sacramento Children’s Home has actually been serving the community since 1867!    What was going on in this neighborhood at that time (see the Curtis Park history post)?


Keith Klassen – Real Estate Broker


Home Buyer Tax Credit – How do you get it?

This is a big question that all my new home buyers are asking once we close.  Here’s a great article outlining how to obtain your tax credit once you close.


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Sacramento River Front Development in the Near Future?

recent article in the Bee by Bob Shallot indicates that new homes are scheduled to be built in the industrial area where Broadway and I-5 meet.  One thousand homes are planned to be built.  The first 200 will be built on seven acres over the next 3-4 years.

Sacramento is growing and changing!  It’s exciting to be on the front end of real estate in these days.  Send me a note if you want to discuss or pitch in your 2 cents on the real estate market and climate.


Keith Klassen


Fantastic Fair Oaks, CA Home for Sale

Motivated Seller.

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· 4 Bd/2.5 Baths

· 2,079 Sq. ft.

· Newer Carpet

· Hardwood Floors

· 2 Car Garage

· Remodel Bathroom

· 2 Fireplaces

· Swimming Pool!

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Offered at


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7460 Walnut Road.

Fair Oaks, CA 95628

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Welcome to the home and neighborhood of your dreams.  This     property stands out from all the others… Remodeled and upgraded, and well cared for.  Newer carpet and paint; lush landscape; two year old roof; and perfect pool.  Just move in and enjoy!

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Direct: 916.669.9030

fax: 916.978.0999

For Sale

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Going “Green” in an Affordable Way in Sacramento

I was at Costco. and saw that they carry dual flush toilets now – I was shocked.  And for 80 bucks!  I don’t know if it’s any good or not, since I’ve seen them sell in the past for at least $200 and up.

I recently had a conversation with another real estate agent, relaying how one of my clients who rehabilitates homes, puts dual flush toilets in them.  The agent had never heard of a dual flush toilet.  While they are not new, it’s interesting how few people are aware of them and  to see Costco. getting in the game.  I guess if they can sell a billion of them and there is a buck to be made…  I’ve always thought that things like this need to be main stream for great impact to be made.  I hope everyone buys one or several and has them installed in their homes.

Oh, and now that our water is being metered in Sacramento, all the more reason to conserve.

Check out how these toilets function.  Also, watch the video on the link – good stuff to remember.

[note: toilet pictured above is not the one they sell at Costco.]


Keith Klassen

Real Estate by the Numbers – Sacramento CA

Now IS the time to buy.  This is no secret.  Let me show you quickly a few real examples of deals that I’ve closed.

Exmaple 1:

Use to pay $1300 in rent for a 3 bedroom home.

– Purchase Price $125,000; 3.5% downpayment (FHA loan); will get $8,000 tax incentive from government

– 3 bedroom 1 bath home; B- area (not the best area, but not terrible); complete remodel with new roof, HVAC, water heater,kitchen and bathroom, flooring, windows, fireplace (all new!) and more.  It has a large 2 car garage.

– Monthly payment including principle, interest, tax and insurance, and PMI = ~$950/month!

They are saving money for buyer vs. renting, plus they will not have huge tax write offs AND $8,000 to buy whatever they want.

Example 2:

Another buyer did the same thing on a $130,000 home it the same area – this home needed a little work, but qualified for FHA financing.  This was a 4 bedroom 2 bath home.

[the pictures posted are the actual homes]

There are still great deals out there for those serious about buying.


Keith Klassen

Real Estate Broker

Front Doors on Historic Homes – Curtis Park, Sacramento

There is just something special about a unique front door. Nowadays, most suburban developments push the garage to the front and restrict social activities to the privacy of the back yard. The front porch, the door, the vestibule were all attributes of a different era for which many now long. A door that says “Welcome!” Or one that speak of intrigue and curiosity, as if to say, “If you think this is interesting, wait until you see what’s inside.”

Just one of the many awesome front doors and homes in my neighborhood (Curtis Park, Sacramento)


Keith Klassen

Real Estate Broker

New Woodside Solar Homes in Sacramento / Rancho Cordova

I’m writing about these homes for two reasons:  1) I just got into contract on one for a client; 2) Solar is awesome.

Here’s the deal:

– New Home!  Ten year warranty on structure and solar; Two year warranty on plumbing and electrical; One year warranty on everything else.

– Solar!   The say that the power bills can be on average $20-40 / month.  Low power users actually get paid, as they sell back the power that they do not use!

– My client is paying under $225K for a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home that is about 1500 square feet.  Granite counter tops, good standards, and attractive finishes.

– Incentives!  $8000 from the government as the home will be ready by the end of June.  $5000 from Smud for solar panels.  $6000 plus from the builder to pay for closing costs!

– Decent location, especially since my client works in this area; good resale value due to the solar; Parents approval… the list goes on.  Check out the builder’s website.  They mention cows across the way in their disclosures – ha ha ha .


Keith Klassen

Real Estate Broker

Consolodated Furnace with Nox Rods

I learn something new everyday.  Last week one of my clients had a home inspected on which they made an offer.  Everything seemed to be going smoothly… then he dropped this bomb on us. ” The heater is a consolidated type with NOx RODS.” The rest of us looked at each other blankly.  “This type of furnace has been recalled because it is know to combust and burned people homes down” – just what the client wants to hear!  From a sales point of view, this could be a deal- killer.  From a safety standpoint, this could save people’s lives.

Do an internet search on Nox Rods and you will be amazed at the long list of warnings.  For us, I was able to negotiate with the seller to hire an HVAC specialist to give this unit a “good bill of health” and their stamp of approval, since not all Nox Rod furnaces are created equal.  If not safe, they said that they would replace it.  Also it re-enforces the premise, just because homes are sold “as-is” and the seller states up front that they will do no repairs… “health and safety” always trumps that rigmarole.


Keith Klassen

Real Estate Broker

Short Sales – Taking it Personal

I have landed in a place where I am selling a few of the properties I own, in a short sale position.  It seems like a year ago there would have been ridicule and maybe a little pity for those poor folks who find themselves in this situation.  I struggled to come to grips with this reality and felt some remorse.  Now we all know someone who is facing foreclosure, being “upside-down,” late on their mortgage payments, or trying to short sell their home.

Short sales may currently comprise up to 75% of the market right now.  All arrows are pointing to 2010 to be the year of short sales.  Supposedly banks are getting government incentives and getting a clue in general.  Oppose to letting these homes foreclose, a short sale is now the most workable route for both the owners and banks.  Personally I’ve had successes with short sale at the end of last year and one already this year, which has changed my demeanor toward them.  Now I trudge through the grueling process of pushing my own properties through.

I met with an agent and his buyer at my 4-plex that is up for short sale yesterday.  After handing me the offer we discussed the short sale process.  The other agent commented, “They should be called long sales, not short sales!”  For the most part, very true.  I just closed one that took the bank 4 months to approve.  While another one that I listed got approval in 1 week!  I still stand in unbelief.  I just contacted an agent representing a short sale property, where they had a buyer waiting for ….. 15 months!!!! before they said, “Uh, this is ridiculous!  We’re outta here! [my conjecture]”

I hold my breath and wait to see how my own experience will transpire.


Keith Klassen

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