New Woodside Solar Homes in Sacramento / Rancho Cordova

I’m writing about these homes for two reasons:  1) I just got into contract on one for a client; 2) Solar is awesome.

Here’s the deal:

– New Home!  Ten year warranty on structure and solar; Two year warranty on plumbing and electrical; One year warranty on everything else.

– Solar!   The say that the power bills can be on average $20-40 / month.  Low power users actually get paid, as they sell back the power that they do not use!

– My client is paying under $225K for a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home that is about 1500 square feet.  Granite counter tops, good standards, and attractive finishes.

– Incentives!  $8000 from the government as the home will be ready by the end of June.  $5000 from Smud for solar panels.  $6000 plus from the builder to pay for closing costs!

– Decent location, especially since my client works in this area; good resale value due to the solar; Parents approval… the list goes on.  Check out the builder’s website.  They mention cows across the way in their disclosures – ha ha ha .


Keith Klassen

Real Estate Broker

One response to “New Woodside Solar Homes in Sacramento / Rancho Cordova

  1. I bought a fifty year old home in Rancho Cordova in 2004 for far more than this nifty new one. Congratulations to your client.


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