Real Estate by the Numbers – Sacramento CA

Now IS the time to buy.  This is no secret.  Let me show you quickly a few real examples of deals that I’ve closed.

Exmaple 1:

Use to pay $1300 in rent for a 3 bedroom home.

– Purchase Price $125,000; 3.5% downpayment (FHA loan); will get $8,000 tax incentive from government

– 3 bedroom 1 bath home; B- area (not the best area, but not terrible); complete remodel with new roof, HVAC, water heater,kitchen and bathroom, flooring, windows, fireplace (all new!) and more.  It has a large 2 car garage.

– Monthly payment including principle, interest, tax and insurance, and PMI = ~$950/month!

They are saving money for buyer vs. renting, plus they will not have huge tax write offs AND $8,000 to buy whatever they want.

Example 2:

Another buyer did the same thing on a $130,000 home it the same area – this home needed a little work, but qualified for FHA financing.  This was a 4 bedroom 2 bath home.

[the pictures posted are the actual homes]

There are still great deals out there for those serious about buying.


Keith Klassen

Real Estate Broker

One response to “Real Estate by the Numbers – Sacramento CA

  1. Nice post, Keith. I like seeing some of your recent deals. Keep ’em coming.


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