Foodie Friday – Urban Roots – Follow up


I posted about this last week – see New Brewery I’ve Been Waiting For.  I did make it to the new brewery, Urban Roots last weekend for their grand opening on Saturday… it did not disappoint.  Myself, my wife and a handful of neighbors biked down there on a gorgeous evening.  Yes there was a line out the door and the bar was flooded with thirsty people, but what did I expect?  I actually ran into a few friends and other neighbors while in line – shout out to Dr. Tom!  The beer was on point and the food was way better than I expected.  I guess I approach smoke house BBQ with a little hesitancy and low expectations in general.  The price point was good and everything I had (pork shoulder, sausage, grits, fries) was super tasty!  I was surprised by how fast the food came out and the staff seemed to be running like a clock – impressive.  I guess they to practice the week before, as well as at Pangaea.


While other breweries (not to mention any names) are suffering from roaches and rats, Urban Roots is clean, spacious, and well-thought out.  Thank you for bringing the vision to fruition.


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2 responses to “Foodie Friday – Urban Roots – Follow up

  1. Good to hang last week. I also enjoyed Urban Roots. I can’t wait to go back. That other brewery is going to struggle to convince customers to come back. I’m rooting for them, but I think they have an uphill battle after the roach and bug situation.


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