Bikes on Steroids (little doses)! In Sacramento CA

Have you seen them around town and may have wondered, “What’s up with the red bikes?!”  They are called Jump bikes.  They appear to be left in random places… Wherever you want to leave them within a certain zone, you may do so.  Oh course they are for rent, but the cost is super inexpensive.  Check out their website for areas of use, cost, and details.

The keys is, they have power assist… each time you pedal… hold on because they will zip!  My neighbor, who is retired, pick one up around the corner to fool around with it.  Soon we were all out there taking spins.


I thought to myself, if a bunch of people in there 50 and 60’s (and a young guy like me – ha ha) can jump on and ride with no problem and love it, this is a hit!  The other key is, they are fun!  Check out this video of my first ride.

I could see us grabbing a couple of Jumps and cruising into Midtown for happy hour, or running a quick errand.  Cheaper than an Uber (by the way, Uber owns Jump), and you could always get a car on the return trip if you’d like.

What do you think?


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