Midtown, Sacramento Warehouse for Sale – Only for someone with vision

1709 18th St., Sacramento CA 91811


To be blunt, this warehouse is a hovel – a shell of a building that needs someone that can work some magic.

Currently grungy and dreary   

With Your Vision, Dreams and Creativity….



Keith Klassen – Real Estate Broker



9 responses to “Midtown, Sacramento Warehouse for Sale – Only for someone with vision

  1. Maybe you could include a huge concession in the purchase price so that with the money the buyer gets back, they could build out something like the last few pictures. 🙂

    Seriously though, what type of buyer do you think would be attracted to this property. What are the possibilities here for this property in terms of zoning?


    • Great idea! Unfortunately we live on planet earth 🙂 and our mutual friend DL would not go for the $200K concession. However, there are carry-back options on this one. And it is zoned RMX, which is the most liberal zoning in the city that allows for a live/work loft situation. I could see the Lundquist family going uber urban… oh and it’s so close, you could practically get Peet’s Coffee to hook up a spigot to this warehouse/loft and you could continue your habit of brushing your teeth with Namibian Roast.


    • Seriously Ryan, the majority of our inquiries have been to convert this warehouse to a live-work situation… whether it be half living and half lease-able space, OR 2 live units. This is the sexiest concept, but the least expensive build-out would be office space, if you can get tenants to sign up – and most understand that commercial space is open everywhere in this market.


  2. I am a huge fan of a “live-work” space. I would love to have a storefront with office or living space up top. If you can get Peet’s to send over a direct coffee IV, I’ll consider moving the family. The kids would enjoy brushing their teeth with Namibian Roast too.

    Good luck. This sounds like it has much potential and it’ll definitely need the right buyer with imagination for what it can become. Ah, optimism…


  3. I’ll have to give that one a read. Thanks for the tip. 🙂 I’m still amazed by that.


  4. Is This property Still Open?


  5. I want to see it.


    • Ramona – thanks for your interest, however, you may have missed the date of this post (2010). It’s been rehabbed and sold for some time now. Call me if you’d like me to help you find something like it – 916.669.9030.


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