Real Estate on Super Bowl Sunday?

Why do I always find myself trying to get into contract or make a significant move on  a holiday weekend, or big cultural “holiday?”  What I’ve found, these are prime opportunities for deals to be made.  While other agents are getting their buffalo wings and chilli cheese dogs ready, I’m showing houses and preparing offers.  I know, it sounds a little snotty and arrogant.  The reality is, I enjoy working hard and getting the job done.  My hope is to have it all.  I was back in time to be with my family, have a meal with our neighbors, eat some tri-tip, catch some of the game, and write the offer.  Feels good.  I am thankful, especially during these economically challenging times.


Keith Klassen

Real Estate Broker

3 responses to “Real Estate on Super Bowl Sunday?

  1. Well, aren’t you a “Saint”. Pun intended. 🙂


  2. Ryan… while the experts say, don’t strut your stuff and be self effacing, etc., there are times to step out and say without shame, “I get the job done!” 🙂


  3. Agreed. And that’s why I refer business to you.


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