2nd Saturday Art Walk in Midtown Sacramento

Most of the locals have check out the 2nd Saturday art scene.  We use to live in Boulevard Park and would walk down to J Street before our kids came on the scene (I say that because with little ones, many things in life get shelved for a while).  Five to seven years ago this event was pretty minimal.  It seemed to be a seasonal secret to the die-hard locals who enjoyed art and free, cheap wine.  You might see a group of 5-6 friends walking from gallery to gallery, store to store, but never the throng of people seen out today.  The idea definitely had shallow roots and buy-in.  Who would have thought that this event would mushroom into what it is today?

Now, especially when the weather is not too hot or cold, there are hords of people how flock to the streets just to be in the middle of Sacramento’s burgeoning cultural scene.  Last time we participated I saw bike taxis carting people around the streets… I thought to myself, “Huh, there must be some permanence to this thing – bike taxis are a sure sign, cause these guys would not be out here pedaling people around in heat if there wasn’t enough biz and money to be made…”

I’ll post some more pics soon so those who are not local can see the craze.

art walk.may 09 Here’s our 3 year old running and dancing inside an art exhibit on top of 1000’s of envelops.


One artist in an alley-art-show made a bunch of kid-sized robots out of junk and car parts.

drew posingOur 5 yr. old is posing on the wall of Capital Dawg (our favorite Midtown hotdog spot – the owner is an east coast transplant [maybe Boston?] who is crazy about his hotdogs)

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