Success 1, 2, 3 (Part Two)

TWO: Listen and Ask Questions

Have you ever noticed or been guilty of talking AT someone (rather than TO them)? Lately I’ve been keenly aware of other agents and especially mortgage brokers , going on and on about all the information that they want to dispense. I’m thinking to myself, “Take a breath!” or better yet ask a question mid-stream to check in. It’s as if they’ve been shut down all their lives and never got a chance to speak and now need to get it all out.

There is an underlying sense of assumption when someone talks at you. While, by asking probing questions and carefully listening I can truly identify what a person needs. I find that people feel cared for and respected when I listen intently. Questions help me accurately respond to the person with whom I am are dialoging.

Listening and asking questions, as well as, returning phone calls promptly – These are simple things that I strive to implement into my daily business and personal life.

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