Worldometers & Sacramento Market Snapshot

My dad emailed me this link saying, “I found this mesmerizing.”  Check it out… I too was mesmerized!  Its a site that tracks, in live time, categories such as, Death, Food, Water, Environment, Heath, etc.


Here’s a snapshot of the Sacramento real estate market – maybe someone can add a live version to the worldometer website.  Probably one of the best market updates is done by a friend and expert appraiser, Ryan Lundquist (Lundquist Appraisal Company).  Check out his website and blog for more detailed market information on values in the Sacramento region.

You may be aware, each area of Sacramento is unique and the prices fluctuate depending on an array of factors.  As a professional that has been in this business for over 13 years, I’m able to help you pinpoint the value of your home (as a potential seller), as well as assist you on analyzing your potential for buying.  Send me a note or give me a call to discuss all your real estate needs.


Keith Klassen, Real Estate Broker – 916.595.7900

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