3D Printed Homes Coming Soon – Robots are Taking Over!

Is 3D printing the future of home building?  I had a conversation with a friend about 10 years ago about how China is using 3D technology to print buildings … this turned out to be a hoax.  Just a few years later it was a reality –  just go to YouTube and search to find many examples.  Now the Netherlands are getting in on it with more artsy homes – see article HERE.

red and black robot statue

Photo by Somchai Kongkamsri on Pexels.com

This could become a whole new market as technology progresses at astounding rates.  We use to wonder if certain ideas would come to fruition in our life time… now it may be a matter of a decade, or several years.

How will this affect the building industry?  How will it affect the Real Estate profession?  I can see it now for all you Realtors out there, tag line … Specializes in selling 3D Printed Homes! 

Thoughts?  Fears?  Dreams?

It’s a brave new world!

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