Overview of Curtis Park Village

Recently the environmental plans were approved for the Curtis Park Village development. I have not formed a strong opinion about this project…  I’m all for trading a toxic wasteland for development.  However, I like what one person said about the scale of the retail development side of things – I can move to Roseville if I wanted a suburban neighborhood and outlet stores. Others complain about it being too auto-centric.  I just hope that it will not be a strip mall feel, but somehow reflect the historic Curtis Park and Land Park feel.  I know many of my neighbors who are adamantly for or against it.  It always if fascinating to watch public administration in action and how opinions and attitudes are shaped based on how it affects people.  Currently, I am gathering more information as I now see some bigger progress.

Here is the overview from Petrovich’s website.


Keith Klassen – Real Estate Broker


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