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I had the good fortune of closing a short sale (after 4 months) in El Dorado Hills.  My clients had big plans to update the home and do some minor renovations.  In the discussion process I overheard them point to the pellet stove insert and say, “That thing has got to go!”  Little did they know I had been shopping for one on and off for the last few years.  I guess I was not very motivated to drop the $2000+ on one of these bad boys.

The clients and I did our final walk through before the close of the sale and I said, “Hey, what are you going to do with that old pellet stove?”  Like how I “beat it up”a bit?  “Oh, we are getting rid of it and putting a gas insert in its place.”  I said, “Hmmm… I’ve actually been looking for one and that would fit perfectly in my 1930’s home – my wife would love it.  I’d be willing to take it off your hands and haul it off.”  He said, “Make me an offer.”

Long story short, I picked it up last weekend and installed it last night.  A shout out to Robin McDonell (and Bruce), “The Pellet Stove Guys!” Robin seriously saved me about $700+ in parts and labor and gave me the tutorial on everything I wanted to know about pellet stoves.  This guy kicks some serious ass when it comes to pellet stoves.  Check out his blog/website here.  Not flashy, but they take care of business.  Put it this way, I was not paying for his fancy showroom.  Thanks Robin for the hook up!

Also, my neighbors came through – Thanks Pete for the bag of pellets and Jay for the use of the truck to make it all happen – true neighbors.

I am currently sitting in my chair enjoying the blaze of the Whitfield Advantage (which I got for a ‘song’).  It’s a cool 53 degrees outside, I’m sipping my coffee, blogging, and watching my kids play Legos in front of the fire.  It’s like Christmas come early.


Keith Klassen – Real Estate Broker


One response to “Job Perks – Sacramento Real Estate

  1. That is a nice perk! There are not many Pellet Stoves in my market but the ones I have seen can put out some serious heat.


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