Carr Jones Architecture in Sacramento

One of my client turned me on to a home just down the street from where I live, that is now on the market. Check out the virtual tour and pictures online. carr-jones1It was designed by Carr Jones, who mainly built in the San Francisco Bay Area, but designed a few homes in the Sacramento area as well. I was privileged enough to be able to let myself and my client in for a gander. Let me know if you want to take a peek too OR make an offer 🙂

While the home was not that impressive from the outside and only one bedroom in the main house, my breath was taken away upon entering. From what I’ve learn subsequently, Jones built pragmatic and practical homes. He used reclaimed timber and predominantly bricks. A local news paper article explains, “Many of his materials were scrounged. Used bricks were plentiful and cheap after the 1906 quake and he used recycled timbers and phone poles, refrigerator tubing for radiant heat, and disassembled old stoves to create built-in kitchen islands.”

Check out some other examples of his work in this article and this book.



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