First-Time Home Buyer Consultation

Last night I consulted a newer married couple (at Coffee Garden, a local Curtis Park, Sacramento coffee house) who just wanted me to de-mystify the home buying and loan process.  coffee-cup2 Two hours flew by in a blink.  It was such a refreshing conversation.  I love seeing people’s “light bulbs” go on when provided with valuable information.  I really enjoy attempting to make complex things more easy to understand (yet not always successful at this).  I get inspired when I feel that people are really being educated and are better off as a result of our conversation.  They seemed to leave with opened eyes and excitement toward buying a home, which before we met, never thought they’d be able to afford.

Our conversation reminded me of when I was turned on to buying my first home.  I remember my dad suggesting that I think about purchasing a home, instead of renting.  I laughed out loud and said, “Yeah right!  How could I ever afford to buy a home?”  I thought, “Who could ever save $400,000, $2o0,000, or even $100,000?”  That’s when my dad explain to me the process and began to mentor me further in the buying and investing process.  This couple that I met with told me that their families never talked about buying or investing in homes, let alone finances in general.  This scenario is more common than not.

By being a coach and consultant, I continue to attempt to distance myself from the unfortunate (and sometimes deserved) used-car-salesperson-image that comes with the territory of being a Realtor.

What do you need demystified regarding real estate, investing or loans?

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