Short Sales on Sacramento Properties

We were camping/boating this past weekend with the family and a bunch of new friends. What was one of the topics of discussion around the fire? REAL ESTATE and of course INVESTMENTS. Once again, I do not bring up the topic, but all eyes turned to me to answer questions and be the “camp fire” guru. As our firm, Burmaster RES, deals with a huge number of investors and those that want to become investors, the question remains, “Where are the deals in this market?” OR “What’s the next good investment?” My answer that I’ve been giving for the last six month is, SHORT SALES. Most of the time people give me a blank stare, or ask, “A short what?” Now theSacBee is even writing about short sales, and they did an excellent job of defining and explaining the process of a short sale. (see article).

The Bee says this about the investor that got over his head… “Webber has one last hope to avoid foreclosure — selling the houses for what he can get and persuading his bankers to accept less than he owes.” This quote is a little misleading, as the article progressed the author pointed out that it’s necessary to seek out a professional and even a specialist to do the negotiating and for you. Similar to a person trying to sell their own home – it’s definitely an option, but considering the time and expertise involved to complete the transaction successfully, most opt to use a real estate professional. Here’s where I want to draw your attention. At Burmaster Real Estate Services we have agents that have gone through extensive training and h ave negotiated many short sales on our clients behalf. We know the process inside and out. Whether you are faced with the unfortunate situation and hardship of not being able to pay your mortgage and must turn to a short sale to avoid foreclosure, OR are looking for a great investment with instant equity, let us be the one to negotiate on your behalf.

Visit our website at or call 916.595.7900.

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