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We were with some friends the other night and real estate seems to always come up in our conversations, “What’s the market doing? Where are the good investments? Should I rent or buy? Should we wait to sell?…” I try not to be the initiator of these conversations in a social setting, not because I don’t like talking shop, rather I don’t want to be “that guy” (see comments on cheesy real estate salesperson in previous blog, “Carmax of Realtors”) that no one wants around or will continue to invite to the party. I digress.

One woman at this gathering said, “I just loooooove my Realtor!” As if to say, “Keith, we’ll never use you for your services [accept to ask for your advice on the market].” I responded, “What do you looooooooove about your Realtor?” – Expecting to hear what great services she provided to them. The woman replied in a peppy tone, “I loooooove the fact that our Realtor is a ‘hugger’! She gives the best hugs!” I don’t know if this is a commentary on the nature of humans or just this particular woman. I realized in that moment that I truly would never take the place of this “hugger” Realtor. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a friendly guy and a hug here and there might be appropriate, but I hope that my clients would not give this as a sole reason for why they use my services.

For my past clients and potential new ones, here a short list of general reasons why you might loooooooove me as your Realtor.

  1. I do an in-depth interview with each potential client before I begin to work with them.
  2. I tailor my service to meet each client’s individual needs.
  3. When I work with buyers and sellers, I focus on benefits rather than features.
  4. When I work with investors I provide portfolio stewardship, and an investment system, including but not limited to financial investment spreadsheets, property management incentives, contractor estimates if needed, creative leveraging, innovative strategies to maximize profits, and more.
  5. I find out what is important you to, not just my opinion or what I’ll like to sell you.
  6. I have a comprehensive marketing plan.
  7. I offer a “no-hassle” listing plan – meaning, if you are not satisfied with my service, at any point in the transaction you can cancel and back out.
  8. When I close a transaction, I ask or survey my clients what I can do to improve my service in the future.
  9. I have a strong support team (escrow coordinator, finance, title, inspections, etc.) that makes it easy for my customers throughout our entire transaction.
  10. Oh, and I give hugs, when appropriate – ha ha! But that will cost you a little extra J

As a result I find that my past clients refer me business and want their family and friends to get the same exceptional treatment that they received.

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