The CarMax of Realtors


A past client of mine was over for dinner the other night and mentioned that she just bought a new/used car from CarMax. She raved about the great experience she had with the salesperson. She went on about how he put no pressure on her and educated her and so on. She said, “It felt like we didn’t even buy a car – I mean there was no stress or anxiety. Just like when we bought our house. Because of you, it was so relaxed and easy [emphasis added]. I quickly replied, “Well thank you for that compliment. [Tongue and Cheek] You know, I am the CarMax of Realtors.” We laughed.


I got to thinking, when I entered this business one of my goals was to NOT become a cheesy and desperate sales person. From my experience there are at least two types of sales people:


1) The guy in the cheap suit that employs tired clichés to make a sale. The last time I was on a car lot the guy actually said to me, “What would it take to get you in this car?” A friend of mine was buying tires and the sales person was trying to up sell a larger set of tires (that would actually not fit the vehicle). The sales person said, “Are you man enough for these tires?” No joke! He was serious! (However, I’ve told this story a dozen time and gotten huge laughs.) You know the person I’m talking about… It’s why this picture of a used car salesman is vivid and infamous. Unfortunately there are these types of Realtors in abundance.


2) While I hate buying car, even from the dealer, I have had positive experiences too (like my client at CarMax) – Experiences where I was educated, not pressured, listened to and served by the salesperson’s expertise. As my client said, “It was as if we didn’t even buy a house OR have to go through that horrible process [that seems inevitable to the transaction].” This is what I’d refer to as a real estate professional or even consultant, and what I strive to be.


I will earn your business and prove my professionalism.

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