Investor’s Corner

As I talk to investors on a daily basis my question to them is, “What are you looking for?” Invariably the response is…, “I’m looking for a good deal!” OR “Let me know if you see a good opportunity.” Here’s my reply:

“There are always good opportunities depending your level of risk and financial position/buying power (ability to get a loan and capital on hand). Here are some of the recent opportunities we’ve worked for our clients:

– We have done a number of transactions where the client gets cash out at closing ($10-50K), with closing costs covered.

– Also we have done a number of short sales where the client buys in with $50-75K in instant equity. These are very good opportunities, however, they take 2-4 months to close as we are negotiating with the banks.

– We have referral programs for sales division and for our property management co.—Ask me how you can benefit and earn money with us.

– We work closely with a few contractors who do property rehabilitation for us where we can maximize the value of a property to flip or buy and hold.

– We can give discounts on our property management (as it is we are one of the best deals in town – $50 / unit). We sometimes give 3 months free for investors, and have even gone up to 6 months free.

There are so many creative ways to find and cash in on good opportunities. Sadly, we find that most people are more in love with the concept, than the reality of launching out and actually investing. However, those that do usually never look back and thank us dearly for the coaching and consultation.

Let’s talk about your next step.

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