June News Letter – In the Know

The Buzz

I am thrilled to announce an awesome transition for my business – notice the new logo and new name. I am ecstatic to say that I am opening a real estate brokerage with the partnership of Gary Burmaster. I cannot say enough good things about Gary. He’s an entrepreneur, with savvy business sense; He’s earned a positive reputation, with a strong bent toward investing. Gary has established a thriving property management company and a network of on-going real estate investors. As he began to show me some of his systems and business tactics he said, “I feel like I’m training my competition.” I gave him an indifferent nod. Later he suggested we open our own office and share the benefits and strengths we both bring to the table. Did I mention… We both enjoy the characteristic of being decisive – The rest is history. As a bonus, we have already employed two skilled agents to join our team.

Together we now offer a greater array of real estate services:

1) A team of 4 strong agents with abilities that rival their peers.

2) Residential buying and selling specialists

3) Investment Property Consultation

4) Portfolio Stewardship

5) Expertise in short-sales, REOs, foreclosure properties

6) Property Management at the most competitive rates

7) A hard working support staff that do not let details fall between the cracks (Administration, Escrow Coordination, and 2 full-time property managers)

8) Business affiliates that are dedicated to assist us in offering the best services, the highest value, at the most convenience to our clients

9) Property Rehabilitation

10) Understanding and insight into creative financing and capital leverage

If you are in the area, please drop into our new office space:

650 Howe Ave. #1030

Sacramento CA 95825

[Turn right off Howe onto Sierra; turn right into the second parking lot]

Also see our website at www.BurmasterRES.com check back often, as it is in the process of being renovated and updated. I think you’ll like the changes. Please use my email KeithKlassen@sbcglobal.net, as I am no longer at my former address(es).

Everyone I’ve talked to about it has about a dozen different questions for me revolving around this change. Feel free to call or email me if you want to know any juicy details.

Real Estate Currents:

I am seeing a return to normal in the real estate markets. New home sales rose 4% in April while the sales pace of home re-sales slowed 2%. Inventory rose by 5.8% nationwide. David Lereah of the NAR, who I quote from time to time, says that the housing nationwide peaked last August and believes that this spring marked the bottom.”

It is difficult to predict the future but “Location” still holds the trump card. Lereah also reports that new home sales are slowing in Florida and Arizona and gaining momentum in Texas, the Carolinas, Ohio, Utah and New Mexico.

Housing in some areas is slowing because of rising mortgage rates and falling affordability. Mortgage rates for 30-year fixed rate loans averaged 6.51% in April, up from 6.32% in March and 6.25% in February. Many predict that the Feds will not raise the interest rates again at their June meeting.

Now more than ever, it is best to give me a call if you are thinking about a move. My finger is on the pulse of our market and I am here to serve your needs.

Just Ask
Q: Is there anything I can do to add quick value to my home?

A: If you are looking to quickly increase your home’s value, consider these options:

Add or renovate a bath: Adding a bath is one home addition that will almost always result in increased home value. If you do not have space for a full add-on, consider updating the shower and bath, replacing linoleum with tile, and throwing on a fresh coat of bright paint.

Make more with less: Many homes have space dedicated to playrooms and office space. If you are in the market to sell, quickly convert these areas into a smaller bedroom by adding a partitioned closet (easy and inexpensive). Go the extra step by moving a wall if possible to create a Jack-and-Jill bathroom with a neighboring bedroom.

Add some character to the kitchen: Updating appliances is guaranteed to make your kitchen more appealing but it can be pricey. Small touches such as rustic cabinet handles and a new varnish for the cabinets can also make an impressionable difference.

My Town
June, with the longest days of the year, often connotes time spent outdoors with friends and family over glasses of chilled wine or iced tea. It’s a month when we want our backyards and patios to be inviting and comfortable. On long, hot summer days, however, some of us realize that we need more shade to cool us down and keep down the glare. Here are some online resources I thought you may find useful to find several different options:

www.patioumbrellas.com – This site only sells umbrellas: cheap ones, high end ones, small ones, large ones, commercial ones, tilting ones. You name it, they have it.

www.landscapeforms.com – With butterfly to wavy shaped umbrellas, this company creates customized umbrellas to fit your taste and backyard landscaping.

www.costco.com – Click on Outdoor, then choose Awnings, Shades and Umbrellas to see a great selection of shade creating options from retractable motorized awnings to beautiful canopies. You may feel like you’re at a resort in your own backyard!

I hope these have been helpful. It doesn’t cost a lot of money to create some additional shade in your backyard and make your summer a more enjoyable one.

Summer is synonymous with lawns. Big, green lawns. Did you know that your lawn needs to be aerated on a regular basis to alleviate compaction? To keep the spring in your lawn’s step, hire a specialist or rent a power-driven core aerifier with hollow tubes at a home renovation store in your area. By aerating your lawn once or twice a year, the soil will have more oxygen and the faster growth. You will notice a lusher lawn in no time.

Last issue I didn’t put any pictures of my kids and one person commented, “Where are the kid’s pictures – that’s the best part!” I just laugh – they are some of the cutest kids in town and I’m a fortunate father to say the least. Best to you and your family.

Personal Update

As you may know, my growing business is built on insight (understanding), integrity (honesty), and experience (in real estate and life). It flourishes by working with quality people as yourself and those you might refer. Let me earn the business of your freinds and family by demonstrating top shelf service. Thank you in advance.

For some entertaining reading on my experiences as a Realtor and investor, opinions, practical advice, and unconventional wisdom in real estate, check out my professional blog at http://reflectionsonrealestate.blogspot.com/

I look forward to hearing what’s new in your life – talk to you soon.


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