Realtor or realtor

Most don’t realize that there is a difference. The fact is, about half of the people selling real estate in Sacramento do not belong to the Sacramento Association of Realtors (S.A.R.), which distinguishes Realtors (with a capital R) from realtors. The primary thing that sets Realtors apart is the higher standard of ethics to which they are held accountable. Here’s an example: Joe realtor lists your home and a dispute breaks out between you and Joe – let’s just say, he lied about the second higher offer that came in for your home. You might be able to take him to court? With a Realtor there is immediate disciplinary action and direct recourse that you have with the regulatory body call the National Association of Realtors (N.A.R.), who governs the California (C.A.R), who oversees the S.A.R.

Bottom line, do you want representation from someone that does not subscribe to written regulations and an ethical code, with limited recourse if something goes awry?

Have you had a bad realtor or Realtor experience? Help us learn from your experience.

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