Friends don’t let friends sell their home

My wife and I have a friend that is moving out of the area. My wife, being the good advocate she is, suggested that I represent our friend in the transaction. Our friend told us that they have another friend that is also a realtor and don’t want to play favorites. Our friend decided to not use either of us in the transaction. Also, they were afraid that if something went wrong the friendship would be lost.

I too get nervous when representing a friend – actually I’m becoming more and more confident when doing so. The thought of business jeopardizing the friendship makes me sick to my stomach. However, this is my profession and I feel strongly that I will represent them just as well, if not better than anyone else. I’ve learned to be upfront and honest about unexpected situations that come up in a deal. I take responsibility for any mistakes made on my part – if there are any. I found that strong communication throughout the process is key, making my clients aware and minimizing surprises leads to a growing relationship. Actually all my client have remained friends or on good business terms.

We encouraged our friend to at least use their other real estate connection as a better alternative than to go with someone that they don’t even know.

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