Foodie Friday – One of my favorites! Plus “eating clean”

Formoli’s Bistro

This restaurant is near and dear to my heart, which is what usually makes or breaks an establishment for me.  I want to create memories and have experiences.  There are plenty of good and even outstanding food choices in Sacramento now, but not all of them deliver on the notion of aesthetic.  It’s the the mood and feel, passion and flavor of the ownership, soulfulness that is put into the menu, the staff, the wine selection, and ambiance.  This is what I dig about Aimal and Suzanne’s restaurant – they’ve always delivered.  I love how they start the meal with a complimentary amuse-bouchse – a single bite appetizer, literally, “mouth amuser.”  pexels-photo-803835.jpegMany times my wife and I have gone there and just said, “Serve us whatever you think is good.”  My mind has always been blown.  Always fresh from local farmers – needless to say, I recommend Formoli’s whole heartedly.

(Sorry, I did not take any pictures [stock steak photo] to post since it was my wife’s bday and I didn’t want to be “that guy” who’s doing work and whose mind is elsewhere… ,  rather I wanted to by “this guy” – present in the moment!]

You must stay for dessert at Formil’s, unless however, you buy a bunch of pastries at Paris Baguette.  It was my wife’s birthday, so upon the insistence and recommendation of another agent, with whom I am doing a transaction, I was in the area (Howe/Hurley) and grabbed a half-dozen.  She loved them… light and crispy were the croissants/cronut.


We had a delicious fruit tart and a pastry-like tiramisu (I didn’t try it, but everyone else seemed to enjoy it!).  Honestly, I wanted to pick up a cake from Ettore’s, but there was no parking, so I jumped on plan B and it worked out fine.  Seems like a great place to get a cup of coffee and a pastry and made sense to get a big variety for the family to share on our occasion.


My wife and a few friends have started to eat “clean.”  Must be another hipster diet – ha ha ha.  I think it means cutting out sugar and limiting carbs?  I thought we were eating “clean” already… apparently not!  I love it… I don’t follow any diet religiously, but I tend to follow whatever my wife buys (whether she or I cooks).  Here’s one example of a clean dinner.

Cod, shrimp, asparagus, and salad.


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