Foodie Friday – Solid Sacramento Regulars (plus a tap house mention)


Quick beer review for ya.   I’ve gotta say right off the bat, I’m spoiled (we’re spoiled in Sacramento).  So much darn good beer… breweries everywhere… great beers at a corners store!


Cap Tap does have a great roster with new beers weekly, or maybe even daily?  Check their website – they list what is currently on tap.  I like the rotating variety offered.  With that said, I’m not just spoiled with good beer, I’m also spoiled by great experiences and places that draw me in.  This is the one thing that always gets me… While they have friendly staff, I’m not in love with the interior of the location.  I like that they have refrigerators full of some solid and eclectic beers to buy and take out.  The seating area is a bit claustrophobic to me.  If there are more than 5 people near the bar, it’s uncomfortable.  On a mild spring day, the patio is where you want to be.  This place is near my office, so I can’t complain, and I’m there often.   Keep good company and you won’t be disappointed.

LOWBRAU (pronounced Low Brow)

Another primarily beer haunt and favorite of my wife, yet we brought the kids this time.  Saturday evening we tried to take our kids and one of their friends to a Stranger Things art show.  When we got there, the line was out the door and around the block.  In retrospect, it was probably worth the wait?  But with teenagers that are always dying of hunger, we had to go grab some grub.  First we went to the Tank House – always a winner (will write about it next time I go), but they were bustling with a wait.  We headed to Lowbrau, knowing we could find a seat and slide in to one of their communal bierhalle tables.  The boys got the special house-made root beer (very hipster of them to do this – oh but they have $1 refills … what a bargain). The kids also got some sausages on pretzel buns, with a side of duck fat fries.  Warning!!!  Very addictive, especially for kids.  “Why are these fries so good!?” they exclaimed – ha ha ha.  Ahhhh, the secret of duck fat my sons.

[had to bleep out face to to make his parents laugh, and so they don’t sue me; And there’s my youngest dreaming of playing Xbox instead of having to go to a dumb restaurant]

And of course my wife and I had to get a side of … you guessed it, duck fries, but loaded with some fancy relish stuff on top.  I don’t know what it was, but I loved it!  Oh, and a couple German beers to compliment the duck fat.  Did I say “duck fat” – yeah, you should try those fries if you get a chance.  Oh and did I mention the cool sausage display.



Sunday go-to spot for our family…

  • Reasonably priced
  • Fast service! There have been times when we’ve ordered and gone to fill our drinks and get chips and the food is being delivered – yeah, we hadn’t even sat down yet!
  • Chips and salsa bar – I’m a sucker for chips and salsa
  • Flavor is on point!

Kids get burritos.  I usually rock some street tacos that are always a solid choice.  However, if you love shrimp, their shrimp burrito has a ridiculous amount in it!  My wife usually gets a vegetarian burrito, cuz they are healthy – ha ha ha, yeah right!  The locals always seem to be eating menudo or ceviche – got to try it sometime soon.



Nothing too special this week, but a go-to dish that is filling and flavorful.  When sugar and carbs are on the no-no list (I just try to avoid them, but am addicted to sugar an carbs like everyone else), this breakfast/anytime-meal is your friend.  A simple omelet with delicious and nutritious ingredients.  I find myself using garlic and onion for the base of so many dishes, including this one.  Science says that if you leave the garlic to rest 8-10 minutes after mincing, it has more nutritional value (crazy and I don’t know why, AND, I don’t always do this – ha ha).


Mince some garlic and onion (red, yellow, white, green – whatever you like or have on hand) and sauté for a few minutes.  I absolutely love mushrooms too – kind of a substitute for meat if I’m feeling that I’ve consumed tons of meat lately.  Toss in mushrooms and any other veggies you have (tomatoes, zucchini, bell pepper, etc.).  Meanwhile, I beat two eggs for the omelet base going in a separate pan (slick it down with some spray oil so it doesn’t stick).  Add cheese – again, I sometimes don’t even use cheese if I’m really trying to cut back, but it sure is tasty!  Throw some spinach in the other pan toward the end of the saute and let it wilt, then drop it on the egg base… salt and pepper and sometimes add a dash of siracha chili (aka rooster sauce).  Don’t forget the avocado, I put a half avo cubed on top for some good fat – Boom!  Healthy and delicious.

Keith Klassen, Real Estate Broker/AKA wanna be chef/Epicurean   – 916.595.7900

Specializing in residential sales and property management (eating and drinking)


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