Closing Letter – The little things make a big difference

In an industry where the Realtor is often the scapegoat for any problems related to the deal that go sideways, it’s such a pleasure to get a thank you letter from a client, where hard work and professionalism is acknowledge.

[note reproduced}


Just a short note to thank you for your extraordinary service in the recent sale of my property on [street address]. How lucky that I ended up working with you when my tenant decided to move!

In these days of poor customer service, it is heart-warming and reassuring to meet people like you. Not only did you help me navigate the difficult waters of fixing the place up for sale: you advised me well on which repairs would add value, and which would not. Your expert assistance in selecting just the right contractor for the job and seeing the job through far exceeded my expectations.

Thank you for responding promptly to my queries, and for a job well done.

I will certainly be happy to serve as a reference for anyone considering your services.

[client’s name]

One response to “Closing Letter – The little things make a big difference

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