A Small Effort Goes a Long Way

Our family decided help out to a local effort called Project 680.  A number of years ago a few or our friends and their neighbors found out that there were 680 recorded cases of student homelessness in the Rancho Cordova school district – now it’s up to 783!  They simply asked themselves, “What can we do about it?”  They contacted a counselor in the school district and asked, “What are some of the practical needs of these students?”  The answer was, “socks!”  I remember it being hard enough just going through puberty, let alone not having socks on my feet.

One of the local news stations did a short piece on Project 680 recently and called it “Raiding the Sock Aisle,” encouraging people to go buy out all the socks in the aisle (or at least the ones that the kids desire) – so this is what we did. For more specifics you can watch the news cast video here.

We resonate with this effort and want to support it when we can.  Here is our small contribution this year.  We took a few short clips and Ryan Lundquist stitched them together and made it look pretty.  Check out the video below.


Keith Klassen – Real Estate Broker


3 responses to “A Small Effort Goes a Long Way

  1. You are awesome, Keith. Way to go on this!!!


  2. That is awesome! Very inspirational!


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