Consumnes River Preserve, Sacramento Area

The Consumnes River Preserve is actually in north Galt… it only took us about 15-20 minutes to drive there from the downtown Sacramento area.  We were looking for something to do outdoors with the kids on this Saturday.  I Googled “‘nature walks” and this caught my attention.  We packed a picnic and ate at the visitor center before we set out on the walk.  The visitor center had helpful “rangers” (not sure what their official title is, but they were cool and jumped right in and showed the boys around and told about the different things to do).   I love the note above the picture – Please Touch! This is the kind of exhibit I like.

All in all, a peaceful day and a nice, close get-away with the family.  Oh and did I mention, it’s free!

Here are some other snap shots (below) I took while on the River Walk.


Keith Klassen

4 responses to “Consumnes River Preserve, Sacramento Area

  1. It’s amazing how many really beautiful places there are around Sacramento. I was just in Clarksburg last week for an appraisal, and it’s incredible to drive around the delta area.


    • yes sir! Seems like a little secret, those levee roads. Also kind of scary to drive when so distracted by all the cool things to look at – funky Victorians, new and old vineyards, small farms, sleepy little towns…


  2. You got that right. Those are some thin roads. We should check out the town of Locke someday or maybe bring the kids to piddle around Walnut Grove or Iselton somewhere.


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