Horrific experience with Glen Oaks Escrow

It’s one thing to do a low-end, bank-owned transaction and get paid 2.25% … It’s another thing for the bank to require us to use their escrow company in the Los Angeles area (I am in Sacramento) and have paltry service and poor communication.  By the way, it is now illegal for a bank (owned property) to require a certain title and escrow company, yet they will continue to make it part of the game.

Here’s my real beef… About a week passes and I have not received my commission check (payment for completing the job) from the Title Company, Glen Oaks Escrow.  I called to follow up and they said they would look into it.  I had to call back the next day to check and they said, “Oh yeah, I guess the check got lost in the mail.”  We will reissue it.  I get my check a few days later and deposit it.  To my horror (okay I am now being dramatic), I discovered through viewing my online account that they put a stop payment on my check, and of course my bank slaps me with a fee to boot.

After several phone calls to the bank and to Alenoush (the escrow officer who handled the file) at Glen Oaks Escrow Company, I began to get a little frustrated, since I was the guy who was not getting paid.  I am not worried about getting my pay check eventually, it’s now all about principle.  I called Alenoush with Glen Oaks Escrow and she said she’s looking into it and for me to send proof – no apology or assumption that they did anything wrong (okay, no big deal).  I forwarded my proof and ask for verification that she received it…. I got none.  I called the next day and asked for a status update… I got none.  I called the next day and requested a call back in the next hour… I got none.  Oh, and by the way, I do have to continue my regular fast-paced, heavy work load during this fiasco.  Finally I went over Alenoush’s head and spoke with the supervisor…. a little bit better experience – thank you Carla.  However, I still have not gotten paid!  Carla said, “Well, did your bank tell you why it bounced… we have a trust account and never bounce checks.”  Yeah I get that… but I still have not gotten paid!

I call my bank and they explain that the issuer of the check put a stop payment on it and they have no reason given, but it’s usually because the payment is somehow disputed between the issuer and the recipient (that’d be me).  I convey this to Glen Oaks Escrow Co. and they said, “Oh yeah, there was a stop payment placed on that check… but we don’t know why?”  Then Carla said the magic words…. [wait for it…] “I’M SORRY”  My response… You are the first person who has called me back and apologized – Thank you for helping me get paid.

Sometimes that’s all it takes to soothe that “angry lion.”  Taking blame is not that big of a deal, but it sure goes a long way to iron out the wrinkles.  I know this is true from experience with my wife.  I know this is true from experience with my kids.  I know this is true from experience with friends and clients.  I know this is true from my experience working as a server at a restaurant, in a non-profit, at a church, and other service industries.

Mistakes are a fact of life that can be overlooked and forgiven – I am responsible for plenty of blunders.  Not admitting wrong doing and covering up errors to save face is tempting and can be our cultural, human response, but maybe this needs to be reconsidered. 

I end this rant with the hope of getting paid and not having to work with Glen Oaks Escrow again.

Thanks for bearing with me.

One response to “Horrific experience with Glen Oaks Escrow

  1. I finally got a response on 2/5 saying that they were over-nighting the checks. Today is 2/9 and I have not received them! I had to contact them yet again to demand a response threatening the BBB and the legal department. I get the response – “The will go out today.” Now why did they tell me that they would go out on 2/5 ???? She also said, she would send it to 2010 Hurley Way. Oh geeezzzz – my office address is 2020 Hurley Way. THE SLOPPIEST ESCROW COMPANY WITH WHICH I’VE EVER WORKED! ARGGGGHHH!


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