Tips on Preparing Your Home Before Selling

Summarized article Real Estate Journal, How a Home Stager Preps Her Home Before Selling.

  1. Upgrade light fixtures:

Use higher wattage bulb to make rooms brighter, creating an inviting mood and make s the rooms appear larger

Install dimmers to create mood lighting

  1. Reconfigure rooms – for instance if a small second bedroom feels cramped, turn it into a den or craft room.

  1. Repaint walls according to buyer that you are trying to attract.

Bold colors for artsy feel

Neutral colors for a more conservative buyer

  1. Repaint laminate cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms

Use Melamine, a plastic-based paint

Change out the hardware

  1. Remove extra furniture and clutter from the house

This may seem obvious, but specifically store it off-site as home buyers usually look at the basement and garage

  1. Create curb appeal by putting planters out front – draw people into the house

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