“Business or Busy-ness?”

We had some friends in town last weekend from Southern California. Somehow we got talking about the subject of how busy everybody tends to be, or at least a common response to the question, “How are you?” regularly is, “Ohhh, soooo busy!” or some form of this statement. Our friends were saying that it’s actually an almost knee jerk response for people to say, “I’m just crazy busy!”

After our conversation I began listing to others and myself.

I’ve concluded that it seems to be a great cultural excuse for not managing ones own life. I have a hunch that time management and balance will always be an on-going factor in life. I, however, desire to be different with a strong desire to overcome this “crazy busy” trap/trend I see all around me. Of course there are emergencies and some unavoidable commitments that cause busy-ness, but is it not me and you who schedule our lives or at least make these commitments in the first place?

I am in a transaction with another agent right now where he seems to always be out of breath and on the run. He never seems to be organized and always respondes reactionary with phrases like, “I’ll get right on it; sure thing, sure thing; It’s on my calendar I’m not sure what happened?”

I recently sought out another investor/broker to learn from… his assistant confided in me, “Oh, he’s so busy… lunch or coffee would be out of the question. He doesn’t even have time for his family.” This alarmed me. Is this the price of “success”? I made an inward commitment that moment to not be like this man. Perhaps this was the lesson he has inadvertantly taught me, as if we sat down for coffee he would have said, “Don’t do what I’ve done!”

We have a motto at Keller Williams that I’ve adopted, “Building careers worth having, businesses worth owning, and lives worth living.”

On a practical note, systems are a must, in particular filing systems. These will save you and caue your business to grow! I’ve begun to also take time each week (sometimes each day) to clear my desk and organize. I find that de-cluttering keeps my stress level to a minimum.

Cheers in developing your business, not busy-ness!

One response to ““Business or Busy-ness?”

  1. Well put. Business at the expense of your life is not the answer. Although everyone will nod their head in agreement with this statement, very few people act it out in their everyday lives.


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